OTT Hydromet - Add-on for Orckestra

SUTRON Hydromet Cloud Software, Standard, 0 - 25 Stations 

Product #: 9400-0403
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Hydromet Cloud Standard is web-based data hosting platform providing secure and real-time data access from almost anywhere in the world via and the Hydromet Cloud Mobile App. It integrates the backend infrastructure to receive, ingest, decode, process, display, and store measurement data from nearly any remote Hydromet monitoring station. Hydromet Cloud offers a secure web-page for users to view their data graphically, on a map or in tabular and report forms.  Alternatively, if you prefer to do your own processing, Hydromet Cloud delivers raw data (as it is transmitted by the station) using a dedicated, secure download page that is  updated immediately as your data arrives. Hydromet Cloud Standard supports alarm functionality to issue rate of change and threshold alarms to designated recipients.

  • Anytime access to current and historic measurement data collected from remote hydrometeorological monitoring stations
  • Quickly view current data to check current conditions and know the station is running properly
  • Plot data to view and analyze recent and historic trends to identify how the data is trending and the duration of the trend
  • Receive automatic alarm messages via email, text message, or voice message for sensor values triggering alarm limits
  • Create and download custom data reports in tabular or graphical format