OTT Hydromet - Add-on for Orckestra

OTT SLD - Doppler Flow Sensor 2MHZ

Product #: 22.300.030.9.02
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The OTT SLD is a stationary unit for continuously measuring flow velocity and water level in rivers, streams, and other open channels with flowing water. This energy efficient system employs the acoustic Doppler principle of operation to provide reliable measurement results, even at high water level and high concentrations of suspended material. The sensor is designed for installation at the water’s edge and is easily installed using a convenient stainless steel support structure that allow for quick and cost-efficient maintenance. The OTT EasyUse software facilitates systematic on-site setup using a PC or tablet.

The SLD is fitted with two horizontal ultrasonic transducers that measurement water velocity perpendicular to flow. Water level is measurement by an optional vertical acoustic beam using the travel time method and cross-referenced with an integrated pressure measurement cell. The internal signal processor evaluates collected measurements before storing or transmitting velocity, water level or calculated total discharge.

Total discharge can be calculated internally or by a datalogger that is connected to the system via SDI-12, RS-485 using SDI-12, or Modbus. The SLD unit is a highly flexible continuous discharge measuring system that may be used in a large variety of applications.

  • Technology
  • Level Measurement
  • Internal Processing
  • Internal & External DIscharge calculation
  • Communication