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Kipp & Zonen METEON Data Logger

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Battery operated hand-held data logger with carrying case

The METEON is an accurate hand-held unit to be used in combination with a passive (non-powered) radiometer to display and record measurements of solar irradiance. Its small size, long battery life and accurate single voltage input make it an ideal tool for many test and field applications. Configuration with a computer is simple, using the supplied Windows™ software and USB interface cable. METEON displays real-time solar irradiance values in W/m², or Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) in µ-mol/m2.s. The input is bi-polar, so the large 4-digit display can show both positive and negative values and METEON can be configured for other types of sensors with an analogue output up to 200 mV. METEON measure twice per second and the data logging function can be configured to store values at a selectable interval.

  • Easy setup
  • Real time data and logging
  • Long battery life