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Kipp & Zonen METEON 2.0 Smart Irradiance Meter

Product #: 0388900
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Battery operated handheld dat logger for PV related solarradiation measurement, for up to 7 analog and smart sensors, with carrying case

The METEON 2.0 is a compact handheld display and data logger optimized for PV related solar radiation measurement. It accepts simultaneously up to 5 Smart and one Analog Kipp & Zonen radiometers plus a Mencke & Tegtmeyer PV panel temperature sensor and also has a S0 input for kWh meter pulses. The large 8 x 22 character display is readable in full sunlight and has a backlight for darker conditions. The keypad with 7 buttons can be used to navigate through the different menus. When using the USB connection the METEON 2.0 can be set in transparent mode to act as a universal RS-485 interface for the connected Modbus® sensors. METEON 2.0 can measure, display and log data from up to 8 devices. Depending on the number of instruments connected and the logging interval selected, it can store weeks of data.

  • Easy setup
  • Real time data, logging and comparison
  • Versatile inputs for analog and RS485 sensors