OTT Hydromet - Add-on for Orckestra

Service Plus Partnerships

OTT Hydromet Service Plus Partnerships can reduce your instrument's lifetime repair costs and maximize instrument uptime. 

Maximize instrument performance
Leave the most critical repair and maintenance tasks for experts in Hydrolab and OTT equipment.  OTT Hydromet experts have years of experience working on Hydrolab and OTT products.  Their certified expertise will ensure your equipment is operating to the highest standard.

Predictable maintenance budget for the entire year
Minimize inventory in the lab and write just one purchase order per year to cover consumable parts and preventative maintenance at the Loveland factory

Freedom from instrument maintenance

OTT Hydromet can take care of everything, including repairs, calibrations, certification and preventative maintenance

Exclusive priority service
Instruments are returned with a maximum 10 day turnaround time and returned with 2nd day shipping

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